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tv   Journal News Business Brief Shift  KMTP  August 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the issue of mental health and mental illness is not just about quote "those people", it's about all of us.
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it's just getting passed that feeling that you have about when you hear this person had a mental illness. life goes on after a mental illness, in fact it can even be better. meeting people who have a mental illness and having positive interactions with people who have a mental illness can help reduce stigma. see the whole story at trying to fight against the stigma, wanting to open up a conversation about it and breaking down the walls between mental illness and society. not until i show some type of compassion for myself that i begin to be able to heal and recover. we want just what you want, to work and to love and that we can do that and that you should open your minds and your hearts to people who may be a little bit different. see the whole story at
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